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The mission of Chicago School of Leadership is to immerse students in a hands-on, holistic educational experience where they will learn to become strong influencers for God's kingdom.
Looking for an opportunity to get a premier, fully accredited, two or four-year degree?

Do you desire a learning environment that is not just in the classroom but also a hands-on experience with leaders who are able to show you how to implement what you are learning? The Chicago School of Leadership in partnership with North Central University is the choice for you.

We have combined the top-shelf education of North Central University with the leadership experience of a dynamic, prayer-centered church in the heart of Chicago, IL. In these programs, you will live, work, study and build community in one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world–all while earning an accredited Associates or Bachelors degree.

This fully immersive and holistic education will give you a solid foundation with general education coursework along with impactful, major coursework to ensure a strong framework for leadership training and real-world experiences.

At Chicago School of Leadership, we understand the value of quality education and the career opportunities it will provide in the future.

Chicago School of Leadership has partnered with NCU to provide students with a fully accredited, highly affordable college education all while being in the heart of Chicago, IL. North Central University is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was founded in 1930. North Central University has a long heritage of raising up students for lives of service and leadership both locally and globally. Students within CSL will carry all of their course work through NCU.


It is our heart and primary focus that we develop leaders whose first priority is to pursue God, and whose lives are marked by worship and surrender. Students grow in their ability to live a Holy Spirit saturated life that is evidenced in every area of their lives and calling. Chicago School of Leadership creates and provides many opportunities for students to grow in encountering the presence of God through student chapels as we seek the face of God together as one body and one voice united.

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City Life

Nestled in the heart of Chicago, students will have the opportunity to engage, explore and enjoy this amazing city and all that it has to offer. The diversity and culture of this city gives an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as we interact with the world community right here in our backyard. Culture, food, art and ministry opportunities will never be hard to find.

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